Limousine Services

Jowett Motors (Asia) Limited is working closely with a number of hire car partners in the Asia Pacific region for the provision of Jowett Limo Services. Shanghai has become the first city in Asia launching LTC luxury limo service since 2013.

Market Positioning:

  • High end limousine services

Car Features:

  • European retro style
  • Luxury interior design
  • Customer centric providing an exceptional travel experience

Price Positioning:

  • Affordable luxury
  • Luxury cars for mid end prices
  • Value for money

Service Messages:

  • Safety
  • Roomy and comfortable space
  • Premier travelling experience
  • Unique and personalized

Service Market:

  • Conventions & exhibitions
  • Events and festivals
  • Airport pickup
  • Weddings
  • Five star hotels
  • Clubs( golf clubs, yacht clubs , country clubs)
  • Long term leases (multi- national companies)
  • Tourists (high end local and foreign tourists)